terrarium and CPN

Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@as.arizona.edu)
Fri, 24 Jun 94 08:34:23 MST

>How can you manage having a terrarium with only 4 bulbs for lighting?
>Does the terrarium recieve natural light? How tall are these set-ups?

I used to use 6, but found that the plants grew just as well with 4. It is a
4' terrarium, with 4' bulbs about 40cm above them. I just use cool-white
bulbs. This particular terrarium houses all my Mexican Pings and the
occasional new plant that I want to watch very closely.

>Focusing on U. prehensilis - an Inquisitive Plant
>Growing Terrestial Genlisea
>Are Genlisea Traps Active? A Crude Calculation
> - all by Barry Meyers-Rice

Oh no! Not more by him! Actually, I think this clears out the glut of
articles I've submitted to Don over the last few years. I'm busy on
other things, so subscribers will have some time to recover from being
subjected to my writing, and constantly hearing about Lentibulariaceae. :)