Don Burden (
Thu, 23 Jun 94 22:29 EDT

I got the new CPN yesterday (Wednesday). Here's a synopsis:

Cover photo is U. resupinata flowers, the back photo is a colony of
P. primuliflora. Both photos by Don Schnell.

Focusing on U. prehensilis - an Inquisitive Plant
Growing Terrestial Genlisea
Are Genlisea Traps Active? A Crude Calculation
- all by Barry Meyers-Rice
Growing CP in a Semi-Arid Climate by Richard George
- article about growing CP in southern California
CP Paradise in the Bush by Bruce Pierson
CP of the Esperance Region, Western Australia by Robert Gibson
- two articles about CP in Australia
Cattle as Sarracenia Stewards? by Don Schnell

A "Special Notice" announces again the message that appeared in this group
a short time ago - back issues of CPN are only $8 for each volume up
to volume 17. 18 through 22 are still $10 each.

Don Burden
New Albany, Indiana, USA