VFT Bloom and Seeds

Federico Fontana (fede%hqlab@Olivetti.Com)
Wed, 22 Jun 94 06:52:43 GMT

> On Mon, 20 Jun 1994, Philip Semanchuk wrote:
> is it possible/useful to collect the seeds from the VFT
> flowers? Advice on what the seeds look like and how difficult they are to
> germinate would be appreciated.

>> On Tue, 21 Jun 1994 Kenneth Hyers wrote:

>> It is pretty easy to polinate the flowers and get them to bear seeds.
>> I used an artist's brush a few years ago on several flowers and got lots
>> of seeds. If I remember rightly the seeds are quite small and black.
>> Unfortunately, after seeding the plants almost completly stopped
>> growing. Seems I read in a book that VFT use so much energy making the
>> seeds that after they just need a rest. Although I like the white
>> flowers, now I pinch the flower spike off before the plant even blooms
>> rather than risk stopping leaf/trap growth.

With a small brush i have pollinated the flowers of 2 plants for some day.
After 2 months by the bloom the plants made capsule and i got seeds
they are small and black. I sow the seeds in a pot with 2 part of peat
moss of spagnum, 1 part of perlite, afther 1 months they easy germinate.
The "mather vines" VFT slowly grow and new lives are smaller. A book
says: to reproduce VFT, cut a lives on base and cut trap
put it in a pot over a cut spagnum and silica sand, place the pot over a
plate with 2/3 cm of distilled water, in a light position.
I tried but it failed !
Sorry for my English.