Re: humidity

Tue, 21 Jun 1994 14:01:42 -0400 (EDT) wrote:

>I was wondering if anyone knew of a compact system for producing
>humidity. It has to be no larger than 1 foot square. Any ideas?

Can it be 1 foot square but 10 feet high? You didn't specify
the third dimension :)

On a more altruistic note, I recommend that you do NOT use
an ultrasonic humidifier unless you can afford to fill it
with deionized water. Since these humidifiers atomize the
water to produce a wet fog, the water droplets will contain
dissolved minerals unless distilled or deionized water is
used. So, when the water condenses on the plants and evaporates
again, the leaves will be left with a white residue. Ultrasonic
humidifiers are otherwise fairly small and reliable.

You might consider a "vaporizer", the sort of thing my mom
used to put in my room when I caught a cold. It heats
a container of water and spouts steam from a small orifice
at the top of the unit. You could use tap water in this
unit and the steam will still be free of dissolved minerals.
But, the unit will last longer if you use deionized water.
Vaporizers may be found at a pharmacy.