Re: Introduction and VFT advice: RE: seeds
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>my VFT's bloomed earlier this year, in march & april, and some had
>several flower stalks. Most of them set seeds without my having to do the
>fertilization process. The seed capsule takes a couple of weeks to ripen,
>and then opens with the seeds arrayed in close packed concentric circles
>in an arrangement similar to some sunflowers. The seeds are fairly small,
>perhaps .025 inches diameter, slightly oblong, and shiny black. I
>harvested several hundred seeds and have stored them in a paper envelope
>in the refrigerator. I haven't tried to germinate them yet.

> > On Mon, 20 Jun 1994, Philip Semanchuk wrote:
>> >
>> > is it possible/useful to collect the seeds from the VFT
>> > flowers? Advice on what the seeds look like and how difficult they are to
>> > germinate would be appreciated.

Seed germination is quick as it takes only a few weeks. Germination is
better if seeds are sown soon following harvesting. I had good results by
sowing seeds on top of milled sphagnum moss. I did not cover the seeds and
kept them moist by misting the medium with a hand held sprayer. Seeds were
kept under artificial light for about 14 hours a day in a warm growing

Rob in Ottawa