Re: i'm a new member

Ron Schlosser (RonS@nesbbx.rain.COM)
Mon, 20 Jun 94 19:39:34 PST

In <>, writes:
> greetings from california,
> im a graduate student studying Darlingtonia californica and would love to
> hear from other pitcher plant enthusiasts, i also know quite a lot about the
> species and have every article ever published about it so feel free to ask
> me questions.
> feed me seymour,
> sincerely,
> christine elder

I am interested in Darlingtonia too. I have raised this plant for
several years now with great success, but all of my divisions have been
off of 1 plant. I am interested in obtaining other plants for genetic
variations. There is another person in the Portland Oregon area who has
done work with Darlingtonia or at least knows of several sites. I could
put you in touch with him if your interested.