Re: Request for fly trap instructions part 2

Jeffrey Michael Stein (
Mon, 20 Jun 1994 16:55:04 -0400 (EDT)

> I just had an Idea and I need to know if it is reasonable.
> I have a 29 gal. aquarium that has a flourescent light cover. Could I
> make it into some sort of terrerium or something to keep a venus fly trap in?
> and once again how do I choose a good plant ot start with and how exactly
> should I take care of it?

Growing CP in fish tanks is my one and only specialty. Your success
depends on a couple of things; How many bulbs does your fixture have?
How far would the plants be from the fixture? and, How much natural
light would the terrarium get? VFT's need high (intense) light.
Therefor a single 24" flourescent bulb will not be enough, by itself.
To compound the problem, 29 gal tanks tend to be tall and this moves the
plant away from light even more. If the terrarium is naturally well lit
you may be able to get away with such a situation. But natural sunlight
can also seriously raise the temperature.

Is your top plastic or glass (clear)? If it's one of those dark plastic tops
you can have a piece of glass cut to fit on top of the tank, I've even used
clear plastic wrap. Put a shoplight, or better yet two, on top of the tank.

Choosing a plant is something that is learned. Look for a plant that
isn't too stressed. They usually come back if transfered to proper
conditions. Any media using live or dried Sphagnum, peat moss, sand,
perlite, or vermiculite and any mixture of the above will work. (I
prefer Sphagnum, peat, and sand). Watering must be learned, I try to
keep the water table 2-3 inches below the surface, but as long as the
soil is kept moist the plants *will live. (* - ok, so maybe not) If you
plan on getting into growing CP at all I would recommend getting a book
on the culture of these plants. And one important thing: Don't Dry-Fire
the traps! It wastes energy that could be used in more constructive