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>greetings from california,
>im a graduate student studying Darlingtonia californica and would love to
>hear from other pitcher plant enthusiasts, i also know quite a lot about the
>species and have every article ever published about it so feel free to ask me
>feed me seymour,
>christine elder

Hi from Ottawa Canada,
I'm an orchid hobbyist and I am attempting to grow Carnivorous plants among my
orchids. I'm growing a Darlingtonia in my grow room under artificial light
at 1000 foot candles. Temperature and humidity range
from a high of 84 F and RH of 70% to a low of 74 F and RH of 80%. I
understand that Darlingtonia requires cool soil for proper growth. I add
crushed ice around the plant every two days. The plants seems to be
responding favorably and is growing larger pitchers.

Please feel free to comment


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