Re: Hybridization trends

Bob Beer (
Thu, 16 Jun 1994 12:23:19 -0700 (PDT)

> The only selective breeding that I have seen has been related to pitcher color
> and shape. I've never heard of a CP being bred for flower qualities.
> Intergeneric plants are an interesting topic, but because it's harder to
> interbreed plants in different families the chances of a Sarr/VFT is nil. I
> wonder if anyone has tried Sarrs with Darlingtonia?

Or Heliamphora/Sarracenia/Darlingtonia? They at least are all in the
same family.

> That may be the most likely
> canidate for success. Another area that could be followed would be
> cell fusion. Then you could have interfamily plants (even
> interkingdom). But doing cell fusions and getting the new cell callus
> to grow and differeniate would be a major task and I doubt if the new
> trap structures would even be functional.

But think of it...a cross between a Nepenthes and a VFT would finally
satisfy all those people who want the cap to shut on the prey! :) And a
VFT/wolverine cross would end the problem of folks sticking their fingers
into the traps, at least after the first time. Maybe getting a few
nettle characteristics into the plants would discourage poachers?