building a bog.

Philp Mueller (hi23ahg@convex1.TCS.Tulane.EDU)
Thu, 16 Jun 94 9:21:45 CDT

Several months ago someone posted a very good set of directions on
how to build a bog. I very carefully made a hard copy and filed it.
Where I have no idea. Could the person who sent the original please
set it to me at the address below or repost it. I am going to see
if I can find a couple of hard plastic kiddie wading pools and
create a few small bogs. Has anyone tried this before? I would like
to be able to rescue as many dying VFTs and Sarrs that I can. Many
places have them in the little plastic cups and they are in the
process of fading away. The ones that I have rescued are very weak,
but a surprising number pull through.

I also try to rescue small Tillansias that are hot-glued to sea
shells and driftwood.

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