Re: CP digest 13

Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Wed, 15 Jun 1994 09:53:39 -0700

>>Okay, thread now beaten thoroughly.

Not quite! :-). Since I get the, ah hem, DIGEST format [:-)],
I can't respond to these until the next day.

>>>You have to is an unlikely scenario...AND IT *COULD* HAVE
>>Yes, the aliens would have to have some kind of thermal shielding
>>on the asteroid to prevent the internal temperature from ashing the
>>seeds. Then the interior compartment, whose latches must also tolerate
>>the reentry temperatures and the forces of impact sufficient to create
>>cape hatteras, would have to be sufficiently easy to open for
>>whatever animal the aliens KNEW would be at the impact site
>>to open the door. Maybe all of this happened so long ago that
>>in fact the cape is the site of the original seeding of eukaryotic
>>plants on the planet. This would explain the similarities of biochemistry
>>among plants. Of course we would have to invoke a time warp of
>>some sort so that biogeography is explained. Also maybe the aliens
>>who sent the seeds had the reentry capsule designed so that upon
>>entry, self-dispersing packets of seeds were distributed completely
>>around the planet. The last packets out were of cp! Ah yes, and
>>the moon is made of green cheese. Sorry, I cannot buy into this.
>>The evolution argument just has too many facets satisfying Occum's

Of course the aliense knew what kind of animals were here! They
knew the animals had opposable thumbs. This is because the aliens
were coming here as a vacation spot for centuries. Later, just before
the inter-galactic UG (United Galaxies) organisation declared earth
animals as sentient and made earth off limits, some beings from Mars
were down here operating on animal brains. This is true because there's
a movie about it; some guys digging in London found a big, blue, sentient
spaceship while digging subway tunnels. This was a martian ship and had
some modified earth animals around it. There was a localized riot in
London after the ship was unearthed, but it eventually fell apart because
some UG troops in a cloaked mothership sprayed the London area with an
anti-martian-thought ray, which brought the Londoners back to normal.
A side effect of this ray was the eventual election of Margaret Thatcher :-).