Re: water

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Tue, 14 Jun 1994 09:12:07 -0400

> Hi, as a new CP grower I have a basic question on rainwater. From
> what I have read rainwater is much better than city water for CP's.
> I've been collecting some by just placing a bucket on my deck in the
> back. But its hard to get any worthwhile amount. I've tried
> collecting some off the roof of the house from the gutters but I did
> not use this water since it looked a little brownish. Would this
> water be safe for the plants despite its coloration?
> Thanks in advance
> Robert St-Jean

Robert: I used rain water collected from the roof in the past, but finally
switched to RO water. In my experience, if it rains frequently enough, water
off the roof is fine. If you have had a dry spell, however, grime, air
pollutants, tar from the roofing materials, and everything else contaminates
your water. I can tell an improvement with live sphagnum with RO water.

Tom in Fl