Re: Nature Malaysiana

Terry Bertozzi - 229112 (
Tue, 14 Jun 1994 13:46:26 +0930 (CST)

> I have here six copies of Nature Malaysiana (back issue Vol.13 No.4)
> almost entirely devoted to Nepenthes. There are a total of 20 pages
> of color photos. I you would like to add this to your collection each
> copy is $8.00 in US currency (cash only) including postage within the
> US. $10.00 including postage outside North America. Please indicate
> the wish to obtain a copy by replying by email. This way when there
> are six takers I'll send out a message to prevent further order. This
> avoids people having to send the money in the mail and having the mail
> returned which spells a lot of inconvenience. People will be selected
> on a first reply first serve basis.


I would like a copy please. Tried to reply to your internet address but
the message bounced. Sorry to post this to the list. Date and time
will be on the header information.


Cheers Terry