Re: VFTs and UFOs

Steven Klitzing (
Mon, 13 Jun 94 13:15:39 -0700

>What if the southeast remained a haven for Venus Flytrap for a few million
>years into the future (instead of turning into trailer parks and beach
>resorts)? What forms might have evolved? Giant traps? Vines?

Well, if present pollution and environmental destruction keeps
happening, the VFT might turn into something called a car lion.

Imagine a plant that grows on the side of the road and mimics
a Mercedes Benz with its driver's side door open and the key in
the ignition. An unsuspecting unscrupulous human would be tempted
to climb inside and try to steal the car. And suddenly, wham!
The door closes on him, the interior fills with acid, and the
human becomes a delicious meal for the clever car lion. The harder
the human struggles, the tighter the seat belt becomes.

Other variations of CPs might be...

1. The Doghouse Plant (Sarracenia x.canine)

(Dog sees a bone inside a doghouse, goes in, and the
door shuts behind him)

2. The Nordstrom Lily (also known as Californica Lifestyle-ensis)

(Woman walks into what appears to be a department store
with a 1/2 off sign in the window, and then can't
find her way out. Eventually she expires. The plant
absorbs her and grows more clothesracks.

3. The Hundred-dollar Bill drosera

(Human reaches for a rosette of hundred dollar bills
only to get irretrievably stuck and trapped)

4. The Nepenthes x.Schlitz (the pitcher of beer plant)

(Human puts his head into the pitcher to drink the
beer, but downward pointing thistles prevent him from
getting out)

5. The Cephalotus Ridicularis

(Australian finds a bunch of new hats on the ground,
puts one on his head and becomes trapped.)