Jeffrey Michael Stein (
Fri, 10 Jun 1994 19:00:01 -0400 (EDT)

> Excuse this probably very simple question, I'm new to CP. I wanted to
> start off small (collection size), so I got a VFT to see if I could keep it
> alive before expanding my collection. All goes well, but I've noticed the
> new traps (about 10 or so) are much shorter than the traps that came with
> the plant when I purchased it. I'm sure it must be my cultural conditions.
> Soil seems to be peat (I didn't change anything), it sits in dI water, and
> I grow under lights that make my orchids happy. Relative humidity is
> usually around 60-70 %. Temp 70-80 F. Anything obvious that I'm doing
> wrong??

You conditions sound fine. I'd vote for the increase in light theory.
The plants are often grown in less than perfect conditions and become
etiolated in responce to this . A good way to tell on VFT's to see if
the light is sufficient is to look at the color on the inside of the
trap lobes on the new leaves. If it's red/purple/etc the plant is
recieving good light. If it's green the light is not intense enough.

Another possibility is photoperiod; if it's too short you may be
initiating the dormancy period and the plant is reducing leaf size.
But, this is usually accompanied by a slowing of growth so this it's