Re: GODDAM #$@*&%1~ POSSUMS!

Bob Beer (
Tue, 7 Jun 1994 15:24:31 -0700 (PDT)

In thinking about the nature of the damage - holes in the pots about 4-5"
wide, and pitchers slit open lengthwise (and chewed as well), I almost
wonder if it isn't the work of something more dextrous - say squirrels,
or raccoons? I tend toward something nocturnal, because I always have
seen any damage (even the minor damage) in the morning early.

On Tue, 7 Jun 1994, Jeffrey Michael Stein wrote:

> > leucophylla and alata, which haven't really pitchered much yet. I guess
> > it is time to start building fences in my yard, or putting everything up
> > on saw horses.
> >
> > I am depressed.
> >
> > Bob
> >
> If you would REALLY like to keep everything out, you could purchase
> one of those electric horse/cow fence kits. Wire it so that the wires
> are about 4", 8", and maybe 18" above the ground and plug it in. They
> don't generate enough voltage to cause any damage, but they hurt like
> hell. We have them here for our horses, and nothing goes in or out of
> that pasture beside through the gate. The dogs stay WAY clear of that
> area.
> Just a perverted/strange suggestion which does have some merit.