Thank You California!

Pekka Ala-Siuru (
Mon, 6 Jun 1994 15:39:19 +0300 (EET DST)

Finally I have some time to write down my California experiences.
I had very succesful trip indeed, in work and in cp.

I had one day free and so I drived to California Carnivores, I
drived there from San Francisco via US 1.
That was partly good and bad choice. Good
for the fine coastal scenery and possibility to visit Muir Woods. But bad
for the long driving time. I came to Forestville long after closing time
but luckily Marilee was there( and one late customer also). I had never
seen so many Cp's in one time, so I spent a lot of my time photographing
those nice guys. I added to my collection P. agnata, P. moranensis and
S. minor. Happily they are now in my home. If someone is visiting CC say
hello from me! (I don't remember if they are on this list.)

I always make more plans for my trips than I can finally realize.. so
I didn't have time to visit Chuck Powell in San Jose..
and GARY I am very sorry about that I had no time to visit you in Oakland..
I tried to call you but didn't catch..

One visit was realized. Thank you Rick very much for our meeting. I
succesfully have that VFT in my home table. Kids are very interested to
feed it with bugs.. I must say them stop for giving too much to eat..
During the flights I had the living plants in a box which I placed in my
bag. Actually the Pinguiculas liked very much from the plastic bags in
which they were placed.. There was three new leaves formed during the
2.5 weeks.
Thank you Rick also from the seeds, I am going to visit the Oulu Botanical
Gardens this week and give plenty of them to the Gardens.

Rick also showed me the Pinguicula slides which he had prepared for
their cp meeting , they were great. I think those pictures would be good base
for WWW node which we had already discussed earlier ?!

Before leaving California to Montreal I visited Yosemite N. Park. I have seen
lot of different kind of places but Yosemite is something special. I didn't
have much time but I drived to the valley and had a short hiking trip to the
Lower Yosemite Falls.

No cp's there but many new experiences.

In Canada I had no chance to visit any Cp places but in overall the whole
trip was very succesful.

Erkki, Michael had a look for my Nepenthes sp. (bought from Stockmann)
and he said it might be Xing of N.alata and N.ventricosa. (or was it so
Michael?). It have got now more sunlight and the pitchers are full red.

Good summer groving for all of you!


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