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John Taylor [Catweasel] (
Fri, 3 Jun 94 10:58:04 DST

>Yesterday in the mail I received a catalogue from Dingley in Australia.
>I'd ordered _Ibicella lutea_ seeds from them in the past, just to discover
>that the seeds were of _Proboscidea louisianica_. I sent them a note to
>this effect. Now I see they are offering _P.louisianica_ seeds again, and
>also what they claim are genuine _Ibicella_ seeds. Get this----$10 AU buys
>you one (1), count 'em---one, seed!

What a bargain! - and to think people said they were weeds... Are you sure
it's one seed - or one seed-capsule?

BTW, in a recent "Your Garden" magazine classifieds (they have a CP section!)
the following were listed:

(Allen Lowries ad - you've got this in the sources list)

Heliamphora heterodoxa, various sizes available. For details write to:
P.O. Box 1017, Hartwell, 3125.

(I know nothing about this supplier - pity I can't afford Heliamphoras...)

Heliamphora nutans available in Spring, by order only. Non-sterile flask,
single plant - traps to 2 inch - (AUS)$50. Heliamphora heterodoxa
also available, $100 mature plant. Australia's largest range of
carnivorous plants and other bizarre oddities. Collector's Corner
Gardenworld, Springvale Rd., Keysborough, 3173. Ph (03) 798-5845.

(Gardenworld doesn't have *that* large a range of CPs, but lots of cacti,
orchids, bromeliads, rocks, fossils, etc...)

DISCLAIMER - (Insert typical disclaimer here - I have nothing to do with
the companies/people involved - buyer beware, Heliamphoras are hazardous to
your bank balance, if swallowed seek medical advice, etc...)

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