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Federico Fontana (fede%hqlab@Olivetti.Com)
Mon, 30 May 94 06:58:09 GMT

In a message to Federico Fontana, Christofher Creel writes:

>> ....... with fern roots, leaf mold and .........ecc.

^^^ ^^^^^ is a basic orchid mold ?

>> b) Peat moss and _silica_ sand ..............

I used peat of spaghum (50%) and silica sand and perlite (25%+25%)

>> 2) Water and humidity. Nepenthes, in general, like lots of
>>humidity. But this is not necassary. I have friends who grow these
>>plants in a sunny window.
>>But high humidity does help with pitchering.

She is near a window SUD esposed in the cooking, with Sunlight for many hours
at day.
Could you give me any systems to recreate high umidity ?

>>Even more important than humidity is pure water. Do not use treated
>>city water. Use only well water or bottled water that you know is
>>pure. City water will eventually kill your plants.

I used distilled water or rain water when it is possible.

>> 3) Light. Most important is sunlight. Nepenthes need around
>>1600 to 1800 foot candles of artificial light to thrive. This can be
>>achieved with four 40 watt grow lights. Use only grow lights made
>>special for plants.

160 watt of atificial light ?
Is necessary artificial light only if they are not esposed to sunlight
or in Winter ?

For my terrarium i used (Gro-Lux Sylvania) light used for aquarium.
(The Nepenthes are outside of terrarium, because a this time she is
about 23.6 inc of height.)

>> 4) Fertilizing. In general, you should fertilize the plants
>>the way the are used to taking nutrients: through there traps. But,
>>since you are having trouble getting them to pitcher, this is the
>>regimine I suggest: Once a month, fertilize the plant with a 20/20/20
>>composition at 1/3 strength.

Is the fertilizer 20-20-20 specific for carnivorus plants ?
If is not, which is the approach composition ?
I used fertilizer for acid plants.
I must fill the pitcher up to alf with water ?

>>If you have any more questions about something I didn't cover or you
>>coudln't understand the English, just send me a message.

Thank's for your help!
Hi Federico.

Federico Fontana
Olivetti (Ivrea) Italy