Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@as.arizona.edu)
Fri, 27 May 94 08:13:27 MST

>From lmmeyers@midway.uchicago.edu Thu May 26 18:07:12 1994
Lo siento mi cunado que estas deprimido. :-( Si, es muy deficil para escribir
un papel cuando no te gusta su sujeto/tema. Creas que estes terminar su
thesis? Mi mama dijo que estas terminar en el otono, es verdad?

Yo soy escribir tambien. Yo tengo dos papeles mas para escribir, pero no son
tan deficil que su papel(was that the correct use of tan?).

Anyway, don't worry about the pills for now. Greg and I decided to go off the
pill and see how that affects my sex drive, which is very low at this point.
I think part of it may also have to do with stress, doesn't everything.

Buen suerte en su papel! Tu eres muy inteligente y puedes hacer su papel
sin problemas, yo creo que si.

Adios y hola a mi hermanita.


>From listserv@jr.hpl.hp.com Thu May 26 21:27:33 1994

> funny that you're not doing too well with U.pubescens. I grow them as
> I grow most of my tropical Utrics---milled dead Sphagnum in lots of water.
> They like partial shade. They grow slowly but flower for me each year.
> Strangely, they invaded my pot of D.adelae and seem to really enjoy
> growing with it.

This may sound strange but could you describe what you mean by "milled"


Cheers Terry bertozzi.terry@pi.sa.gov.au >From listserv@jr.hpl.hp.com Fri May 27 04:21:24 1994

>Be aware that there are TWO Peter Taylor Monographs on Utricularia.

>The first is a short (about 100 pages) document that covers a limited >distribution of Utrics (mainly Africa if memory serves me). The second >is several hundred pages and covers all known Utrics, including >Polypompholyx (now reclassified as Utrics by Taylor).

Having had a long career in botany, I would guess that Taylor has written several regional monographs. Off the top of my head I know he has an account of the Lentibulariaceae of Trinidad and Tobago. No doubt there are many other smaller works.

As Paul wrote, TAYLOR is 724 pages long. This is a dense botanical work, not for the casual reader. It took a while for me to get comfortable with it---it requires learning a lot of jargon. Calyx, corolla, pedicel, peduncle is just the start. Time to get familiar with setulae, distal palates, persistent testa, basisolute bracteoles and rhizoids!