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Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
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>>Bob wrote:
>>>I have eaten snails and liked them; I always have wondered if you
>>>could eat slugs too,...
>>If I remember correctly (and mind you, I took too many drugs in college)
>>there's a city in California that has a banana slug cooking contest.
>>I think it's Santa Cruz. I've never followed up on it, having better
>>things to do with my life.

Banana Slugs are sacred in Santa Cruz, they being the school symbol
of UC Santa Cruz among other things. I can't imagine anyone eating them.

BTW, many people, unfortunately not including myself, took many drugs
in UC Santa Cruz. This was a campus where the school fire department
came around once or twice a year looking for hotplates, extension cords,
or other violations in dorm rooms. When they found the inevitable
M.J. plants growing under lights in closets, they just told the student
"remove that extension cord and run the fixture directly to the wall
socket." Nowadays I hear UC Santa Cruz is a dry campus. Not even beer
is allowed at quad parties. And sadly, the school is the more boring for

>>I've been off this list too long, obviously. Already five posts and
>>not one mention of Ping. culture!

Lisa, were you at the BCPS meetin a week ago, that presented
a slideshow on ping culture?