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> I have also heard about taettemaelk (must be Norwegian) or t{tmj|lk (Swedish)
> and that Pinguicula is or was used used in making it. Piima (or actually
> piim{, { = a with umlaut) is, however, Finnish, and I have never heard about
> Pinguicula being used, Pinguicula is actually not very common in Finland.
> Piima is just milk fermented with lactic acid bacteria. I have no idea where
> to find starting culture in the USA, but trying some place with lots of
> Finnish immigrants or some society of Finnish immigrants might help.
> Erkki Aalto


I have read that leaves of Pinguicula vulgaris is/was used for
fermenting milk in Austria/Switzerland and that it has been also
used as a medicine against certain cow-(teat-) diseases.

Pinguicula species (e.g. vulgaris)
are quite common in northern- and northereastern
parts of Finland.

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