terrarium set-up

John Hollister (bb05246@bingsuns.cc.binghamton.edu)
Tue, 24 May 1994 00:15:21 -0400 (EDT)

I finally put together my cp terrarium. I'm using a glass aquarium
(30"x16"x12") with two shoplight fixtures over it: 3 cool whites and
one grow-lite. It is against a north-facing window, but this is
upstate NY so it does not add very many photons.

The plants are in pots - some plastic, some clay - on top of bricks so
that the top of each plant is about 6-8" from the lights. The
temperature ranges from 65 to 85F.

The plants have been growing for about a month now. From Lee's, I got
a Nepenthes Mirabilis (red blotches all over the leaves; a new trap is
just forming), Cephalotus (the traps all died, but a new one is
forming so I'm not mourning yet), D. binata (doing fine, about to
bloom), D. Filiformis Trachyi (looked dismal for a while but new
leaves are curling up like fiddleheads), S. Psittacina (doing ok,
watching the shape of the new leaves to see if there is enough light
to try other sarraceniae), S. Minor (upped and died), and D. Capensis
(dead already). But they threw in some extra psittacinas, filiformis,
and binata, so I'm not complaining.

I planted them all in a mixture of sphagnum and vermiculite (I was
afraid that sand might have come from a salty beach), with redwood
chips added for the Nepenthes.

>From Peter Paul's, I got a pair of Darlingtonia, which I planted in
live sphagnum. One is putting out a large new trap that may not fit
in the terrarium. Also a Pinguicula with a lavendar flower and a
couple of vfts. The VFTs have just put out some leaves. Not as
spectacular as one from a local nursery that has a magnificent red
color inside the traps.

Am I doing more or less the right thing? Are there other nepenthes
that might survive in this set-up?


John Hollister