Re: Profitable Growing/Eating

Bob Beer (
Mon, 23 May 1994 17:04:50 -0700 (PDT)

> The recent comment about potential toxicity of rhizomes reminded me of
> the number of cacti which avoid insect and rodent attack when other
> plants around them are being eaten. A surprising number of these contain
> psychotropic substances. Peyote is only one of many.
> The task is now to research those CP which are avoided by potential
> herbivores. If any DO have psychotropic potential, they could really make
> that business plan fly. "Eat them, heaven forbid! Honest officer, this is
> all for scientific research."
Jeez, I hope not, or we will have lots of new silly laws prohibiting
growing of these plants! (Like peyote and Opium poppies). There are so
many other cacti that have psychoactive properties that are perfectly
legal to grow, and Opium poppies are practically a weed in Seattle.
Besides that, plain old legal Oriental poppies are used in the opium
business when P. somniferum is unavailable, and I have seen the bees get
stoned on plain old corn poppies.

I would hate to see what a psychoactive properties finding would do to
cultivation of CP!