eating cp

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Mon, 23 May 94 13:24:35 MST

>I am the one who founded Cedar Ridge Nurseries, built it into a

Walter, that's a powerful story. I'm sorry to hear that things went
so badly for you. I'm not surprised that the business is so tough.
Occasionally people suggest to me that I should get into the
business as you tried, but it is far too much work for far too little

>> Speaking of _D.anglica_, I just recently received two plantlets of

> So that's what it is called..D. anglica. I've been wanting to go
> up to the Alakai Swamp but can't find anyone that I know who knows
> the trails up there well enough. I've also heard that they have it

Earl, as far as I know, the only CP in your state is that and also
_U.gibba_, both probably on Kaui.

>Speaking of which, has anybody tried S. orepholia rhizome vinaigrette?
>It is really only good with wild-collected rhizomes of course...:)

Funny you mention this. Last night I was pawing through my tuberous _Drosera_
pots to see what little presents my plants had left for me since they
returned to dormancy. I was pleased to see they had all at least doubled
the number of tubers I had last year, so the miracid treatments still get
great reviews from me. Anyway, I had a few extra tubers of _D.peltata
peltata_ and, as I mentioned to Rob Allen earlier today, I couldn't help
wonder what these things would taste like! They look so nice and crunchy,
just like little potatoes (maybe I was responding on a genetic level---I've
got about 50% irish in my own hybrid background). Bridgett offered to clean
them off so we could try them, but I figured I didn't want to find out about
the fascinating toxins these things may contain.

But I still wonder.