Re: cp origins

Earl Nishiguchi (earln@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu)
Mon, 23 May 94 8:56:15 HST

> Speaking of _D.anglica_, I just recently received two plantlets of
> this species from the population growing in the Ala Kai swamp on the
> Hawaiian island of Kaui. (Plants came from another grower, not field
> collected). It will be interesting growing this, and trying to propagate it.
> Barry
So that's what it is called..D. anglica. I've been wanting to go
up to the Alakai Swamp but can't find anyone that I know who knows
the trails up there well enough. I've also heard that they have it
at another swamp that's closer but it is owned by the plantation and
you need a permit.