Re: Sowing

Michael Hasemann (
Mon, 23 May 1994 10:20:04 +0300 (EET DST)

> I have just come in to some premium Nepenthes seeds and need
> some advice. I have tried twice before to get Nepenthes seed to
> germinate and have twice failed. Any advice on successfully growing
> Nepenthes from seed would be greatly appreciated. I simply cannot
> face the prospect of loosing these kick-butt seeds.
> Chris

I twice tried to germinate Nepenthes seeds. Once I was very successful
(N. ventricosa) another time nothing came up at all.
Try to sow them on a layer of milled dried sphagnum which is on top of
peat. Cover the pot with some plastic and wait 4 weeks. Keep it at 25
centigrades and keep the substrate moist not soaking wet.

If the seeds are fresh you are probably to succeed.


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