A couple questions about the CP lists, etc.

Rodney L. Boleyn (boleyn@igor.scr.siemens.com)
Fri, 20 May 1994 17:56:58 -0400

Hi everyone,

Being new to this list/group/avocation, I have a couple questions...
I've been looking over the lists available from the listserv
(growlist, sellerlist, suppliers) and I've got some questions:

1) These lists name lots and lots of species of plants, but the books
I've been looking at tend to show pictures of one or two
representative species. Is there a good reference that illustrates
most/all of the species?

2) On the sellerlist, prices are listed such as $3/seed. Does this
mean $3 for one seed, or for some small number of seeds?

3) The growlist is titled as "Growlist / Trading List". Does this
mean people on this list can be petitioned for plants only if one
has something to trade? I.e., is it in bad form to ask for a plant
from a person on this list if I don't have something to return in

4) Is there a "booklist" of reference materials available?

5) Kind of off the subject: Has anyone ever seen florists use pitcher
plants in flower arrangements? I saw a flower arrangement recently
which looked like it had very tall, slender, hooded pitchers in
it--are any common enough that they could be used this way, or was
it likely some other plant that just had similar leaves?

Thanks for your help,