Re: _Sarracenia_ toxicity/_Drosera_

Wim Osterholt (wim@djo)
Fri, 20 May 1994 23:34:10 +0200 (MET DST)


> >Now they are 'all over the place'.
> (...)
> >It must spread underground I believe.
> It is quite likely that _D.rotundifolia_ can reproduce from underground
> parts (stems, and even roots!). But from the diagnosis and the rather
> characteristic behaviour, I would rather think you are talking about the
> "Round Leaved Nasty CP Greenhouse Weed" (vulgo _D.spatulata_, the long
> leaved counterpart being _D.capensis_). This one comes with the soil
> (predominantly of nursery cps). Do you have cp from a nursery (i.e. not
> from the wild)?

Yes, the VFT's came from a nursery. See my reply to Fraser Broom.
It took years to grow enough sphagnum to cover the bottom everywhere.
I have eliminated grass and other stuff coming up.
I would say that the situation like that must be stable for at least two
years to have a chance to see sundews popping up.
Could it then still be Nasty Greenhouse Weed?
The older ones (that die back in the winter) form nice rozets.
The little new ones that appear everywhere must keep up with the growing
speed of the sphagnum. They have a very fragile stem an every new leaf is
placed 3 to 5 mm higher on that stem.
Once some of them flowered, but I'm not sure anymore if the (very few)
flowers were white or orange/yellow. (the VFT's were white).
At this moment some are forming flowers again. I can tell you later, if
they don't die beforehand.
(they can get stuck in drops of water on the glass.)


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