cp origins

Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@as.arizona.edu)
Fri, 20 May 94 09:24:12 MST

>What size pot should these plants (_Drosophyllum_) be kept in?

I use plastic pots, those 5g black ones available from nurseries.

>BTW did you know that both the animals on our coat of arms (kangaroo
>and emu) are absolutely DELICIOUS!

Bet they're not as tasty as bald eagle, which (as the joke goes) tastes
like California Condor, but with the tender meat of a Northern Spotted

>It is quite likely that _D.rotundifolia_ can reproduce from underground
>parts (stems, and even roots!). But from the diagnosis and the rather

Jan, I'll disagree here...I've grown _D.rotundifolia_ for a while, and
have never seen propagation from underground portions. The roots are
only filamentary, and not thick enough to produce a plantlet.

So, is there any thought on the place of origin for _Drosera_, or the
_Droseraceae_, Jan?

Speaking of _D.anglica_, I just recently received two plantlets of
this species from the population growing in the Ala Kai swamp on the
Hawaiian island of Kaui. (Plants came from another grower, not field
collected). It will be interesting growing this, and trying to propagate it.