Books, Seeds and Boycotts (was Re: PVR)

Patrick Cox (
19 May 94 09:27:49 AST

=>> "Carnivorous Plants of the World"
=>> - James and Patricia Pietropaolo
=>> (c) 1986
=>> Timber Press
=>> ISBN 0-88192-066-5
=>> Are there any other books that are more recent?
=>> TTYL,
=>> Patrick
=>I will send a book list later w/ more info.. try also Adrian Slack's books...
=>Although the Pietropaulos' book is good, I must unfortunately suggest a
=>BOYCOTT on that book due to the authors' not-ignorant but blatantly
=>profiteering attitude regarding the conservation of wild CP.... more on
=>that later. If you MUST reference this book, please check it out of
=>your local library or get it via interlibrary loan... DON'T SUPPORT
=>-Philip Thomas

Boycott!! OOOHHHH!!
I was planning to purchase some seed from them soon. As they are close.
Is there anyone else in the Northeast or Atlantic Canada Region that I can
deal with?
Oh I remember! What is the society in Ontario? Anybody know of any closer
to Nova Scotia?



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