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Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Thu, 19 May 1994 09:37:03 -0700

>>1) It was recommended that I pot the plants in live sphagnum moss, however a
>>50/50 peat/silica sand mix is also recommended. Would fibrous (not live)
>>phagnum mixed with silica sand (or perlite) do? Where can I purchase silica
>>sand and live sphagnum moss?

Long fibre SPAGNUM peat moss is OK. "Green Moss", most commonly
available, is not ok. Don't use it. If you can truly buy long
fibre spaghnum, rehydrate it and just use it straight.

You can also use peat/perlite instead of peat/sand. The point of the
perlite/sand it is to give better drainage to the soil. I use perlite
because it's easier to find and it's lighter than sand.
>>2) Is pot size important as not to overpot the plants? I am thinking of using
>>4" plastic pots.

In my experience Sarracenia do better in larger pots. These plants
are not like some which prefer to be rootbound. Sarracenia also
can take shock when you repot, so I prefer to use larger pots to
avoid having to repot every year. If you do repot, do it in spring
as the plant is just coming out of dormancy. This type of shock
shouldn't kill the plant, but it may set it back by a season.
>>3) I intend to keep the plants in a cool closet in my basement over
>>the dormant period. The temperature varies between 40-50 F from
>>December-February depending on the temperature outside the house.
>>Would a small refridgerator be better?

How cold is it outside? You could probably just winter them outside
if it doesn't get too much colder than 20-30 F. If it gets below
freezing, mulch the plants for insulation.
>>4) I intend to grow Darlingtonia californica in a small terrarium under a
>>separate set of lights in my basement at a temperature that ranges between
>>68-72 F. Is this cool enough?

IMHO Darlingtonia also does better outdoors. It has a dormancy period
which is difficult to simulate indoors.