Re: N.C.Botanic Garden/Green Swamp

Paul Temple (
Wed, 18 May 94 11:51:41 +0100

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Another late reply!

Just a pointless addition. I visted Green Swamp too (yes we brits do
go on Field trips - given the opportunity!). I found lots of little
holes. This is indeed the sign of the greater unspotted nursery
(Plantus purloinus). However, I think you "spotted" the wrong one.
Assuming my geography skills (as a brit) are OK, you need to think more
North than anything in Carolina (I keep seeing apples, big ones).

PS folks. I hate to point this out EVERYONE, but since most of you are
in "The Land of Litigation", do you realise that actually naming people
or companies you assume are guilty of some heinous offence is grounds
for being sued for libel?
I really don't think it's wise to name people in this way. Subtle
hints are OK (apples, big, north, etc.) because they can not be proven
to mean anyone in particular and, of course, in my example my geography
and knowlege of american may be all wrong!