Barry Meyers-Rice (
Wed, 18 May 94 08:40:07 MST

>Barry, I was very intersted to hear that you fertilize your tuberous
>Drosera. With what and how? What effect does it have i.e. have you
>compared it to non-fertilized plants?

I use stuff called Miracid. I mix it to the strength stated on the label,
and give my tuberous plants a foliar spray 1/week---covering the plants so
they are dripping. I spray them from the moment the first trap has formed
until the last trap dies. I believe that in the US, most tuberous Drosera
growers fertilize their plants. Some people drench the soil, but use a
very weak mix of fertilizer. The first year I used fertilizer on the
_Drosera_, I experimented with two taxa---_D.peltata peltata_ and _D.peltata
auriculata_. I planted two pots of each of these subspecies (four pots in
all) and treated the pots identically, even keeping them next to each other
in the greenhouse. The fertilized plants grew slightly larger in height and
bushiness (more branching), had a slight colour shift (they were slightly
deeper green, but there was no difference in flower colour or seed production.
The tubers of the fertilized plants were noticeably larger, or so I felt.

I've been fertilizing all my tuberous species for the last two years now and
have consistently gotten good results (i.e. larger tubers each year, or many
daughter tubers).

>P.S. Did my other bit about the Sarra hybrids in the fridge come thru?


>Can anyone give me a price on the book by Juniper et al. The quote
>I have received here is astronomical. Please state if $US or whatever.

The book is astronomically expensive in the states too. About $150 US, I
believe. I don't think you should waste your money on it---it's not very