Re: Drosophyllum and seeds

Terry Bertozzi - 229112 (
Wed, 18 May 1994 12:56:01 +0930 (CST)

> Jeff,
> I've grown _Drosophyllum_ with good results for the last few years, but I'm
> afraid that my growing recommendations might be irrelevant for you since
> I've probably figured out how to grow them in the desert, and not in your
> area. But I've found the best growing medium to be a sand/peat mix, 50/50.
> I might even use 2 sand/1peat. This makes for a *heavy* pot, but you
> shouldn't move _Drosophyllum_ around anyway, so the pot's mass is a good
> reminder for you to keep it where it is! I water from above.
> Michael Chamberland has had better luck than I with this plant, probably
> since I have been trying to grow the plant outside the greenhouse and it
> is always killed when the temperatures get much past 100F. My two largest
> plants are flowering and setting seed. I'm hoping they will produce good
> seed since it they do, it will be the first time I will have done this.
> The seed capsules are very strange---they are translucent, so you may see
> the seed forming inside. The best _Drosophyllum_ grower around is Paul
> McMillan in Nogales AZ.

Your desert techniques may be just what I'm looking for! I normally
can't even get the seed to germinate. Oh well, back to the drawing

> This is very significant. A 2--5 year stratification period may be just
> what this plant wants! Although since you were storing the seeds dry it
> may not really count as stratification. Very interesting.
> I have recently been getting germination from some _S.alata_ seed
> that have been stored cold since 1987. While I'm only getting a few
> seedlings for all the seed, it impresses me that *anything* has come up.

I had a chance to plant some hybrid Sarra seed which had been kept in
the fridge for about two-three years. Some did come up but it varied
considerably between crosses.