metal halides

Mon, 16 May 94 18:06:57 PST

This probably will be of benefit to the Pacific NW of the US. I was
going through an advertisement and noticed someone selling used 175
Watt metal halide fix tures (no bulbs). I drove up looked them over he
has 90 more left. I purchased two and figure to get two more. They are
white painted metal square with an ope ning 2 feet x 2 feet. The
transformer is not remote it is on the side of the li ght fixture. Each
weigh about 15-20 pounds inside is a square mirror and also m ost have a
diffuser lens. They have wiring attached but not plugs (easy for you
electricians to fix... basically they are pyramid shaped with the top
point sq uared off. Anyways his phone number is 208 883-1403 (Moscow
Idaho). He was ver y amused when I told him I was going to use them to
grow plants.....
Cost a mere $15 dollars and if you buy alot he's willing to
sell them
for $10. Don't know how prohibitive shipping would be or if he would
even mail them but I'm posting for general info...
Oh..they run on 110 volts and draw 1.9 amps. Kirk

No this person didn't just get arrested he lit his transmission repair
shop with them and upgraded to 500 watt fixtures