Re: intro

Jan Schlauer (
Mon, 16 May 1994 18:31:07 +0100

>> my name is Manfred and I am new in the cp-group.
>Herzlich Willkommen. Verzeiht mir aber bei soviel Deutschen hier

Willkommen, Manfred!
Von den Deutschen, die ich hier kenne (6), mailen 5 aus Baden-Wuerttemberg
(und einer aus Finnland; hallo Michael!) und 2 aus Tuebingen (hallo Joe


Congratulations to your successful trip to (incl. successful return from)
New Guinea! I am especially interested in the difference between
_N.treubiana_ and the similar (but possibly distinct) species from Sumatra,
as this is a most remarkable disjunction-mystery in this genus (maybe
together with the apparent absence of _N.alata_ from Borneo...). Did you
find the same distinguishing features from _N.rafflesiana_ as Danser
described them for the Sumatran material?

Kind regards

PS: Your first message did not come through, indeed. I hope the problems
are settled in the meanwhile.