Re: Hmmm..

Jan Schlauer (
Mon, 16 May 1994 10:53:40 +0100


>Do plants of the _Catopsis_ genus secrete digestive enzymes?

Not into the rosettes, as far as I am informed. (Bob, it certainly would be
of more benefit to secrete proteases into the trap than in the fruits for
the decomposition of captured prey, wouldn't it?)

>It's strange that more Bromeliads are not considered "carnivorous" if
>the fact that possesing a "vase", which fills with water and drowns
>little creatures who are, in turn, broken down and eventually absorbed,
>is a satisfactory characturistic for being considered carnivorous.

This is quite exactly the reason why I leave the subject to the bromeliad
specialists. The mode of nutrition in many bromeliads is somewhat different
from other plants in general. Therefore, their occasional "carnivorous"
properties are not as exceptional an event (no special adaptation required)
as in those plants generally considered cp. The bromeliaceae is a family
which is interesting in itself with unique features. We do not need to (and
as I think we should not) attach the cp label to increase their

>It's a complicated world out there.

Certainly, but nevertheless interesting...

Kind regards