greenhouse news

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Sun, 15 May 94 15:25:47 MST

Hey, talk about record germination rate! Michael Haseman on this list was
good enough to send to me some seed of _P.vulgaris_ from various frosty
climes (one north of the arctic circle!). Seeds from such cold areas are often
very hard to germinate, as the seeds want *just* the right combination of
freezes and warmth or something. But I planted these seeds from Michael and
I'm getting huge amounts of germination within 7 days! Michael, did you
pretreat this seed? Is it fresh or did you store it in the freezer or

This evening my in-laws are having a big party, and as usual I'm asked to
take some of the big _Sarracenia_ out of the greenhouse as centerpieces
for the table. They always make a bit hit.

As I was selecting plants earlier today, I finally accepted a fact that
has been irritating me. See, I grow my plants in a low humidity (50--60%)
and high temperature (up to 45C, 113F or so). These are the best conditions
I can eke out of my desert greenhouse. My plants do very nicely,
lots of colour, plenty of flowers and seed, but they grow very slowly. The
more I talk to other growers the more I realize this. What REALLY irks me
is that I send seedlings to other people and theirs grow faster than mine!
Rob A (or Rick was it you?) told me some seedlings I gave him are now
producing 7" leaves. Mine are still only 3" tall. THIS BUGS ME! I think that
once the plants get to flowering size they probably grow as fast as anyone
elses, but until then they are in slow motion. For example, I think that
to flower, a germinating seed will take 5--7 years. What do others find as
a rule?

Something I'm finding interesting is that I have three different _Heliamphora_
in the greenhouse at those previously described conditions, and they are
still alive and apparently doing well. I am quite confident of the
temperatures quoted, as I have three thermometers in the greenhouse and they
all agree.

Also, Don are your D.chrysolepsis and graminifolia doing? What
neat plants! Mine are doing well. Have you done any vegetative propagation?

Oh, as a last bit of excitement, my _U.biloba_ is going to flower!