Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@as.arizona.edu)
Sat, 14 May 94 08:28:08 MST

> I was wondering if anyone could give me some species of Utricularia that are
> hardy/native to Michigan? Species of both aqautic and terrestrial would be
> most helpful to me as I'm setting up a 'bog' full of native species.

The species found in Michigan are:

U. cornuta
U. purpurea
U. geminiscapa
U. minor
U. ochroleuca
U. intermedia
U. macrorhiza
U. gibba

Only the first is a true terrestrial. U.gibba is at home growing in wet muck,
but is not a true terrestrial. By the way, your first message did get through,
I was just too lazy to answer it.

Last night the missus and I were watching a show about some 80+ year old
guy that does macrophotography filming of bugs and aquatic insect larvae et.
cetera he'd find in pond water. Bridgett was very tolerant and never complained
as, every few minutes, I'd exclaim---that's a Utric in the background!
Looked like probably U.minor or ochroleuca, but you really couldn't tell