I'm a new list subscriber.

Rodney L. Boleyn (boleyn@igor.scr.siemens.com)
Thu, 12 May 1994 14:47:55 -0400

Hello all,

I'm a new subscriber to the CP list, so, as suggested by the info
file, I guess I'll start out with my life story. It's is really
boring, so if you were one of the first subscribers to this list, and
you've heard the same boring story over and over, just hit 'n' now. Oh,
that's for news. Oh well.

So, let's see--I got interested in carnivorous plants sometime in the
7th or 8th grade, and did a school project on them which resulted in
me buying several--3 or 4 flytraps, 2 sundew, a butterwort, and a
pitcher, as I recall. Just the usual, ordered from Carolina

The only plant I managed to keep alive for any length of time was the
pitcher plant. All the rest died almost instantly (but not so
instantly that my project was a failure :-). I re-ordered a couple
times, always with the same results. The pitcher plant eventually
died too, when I forgot to water it for about 2 months. (Kids are
so irresponsible!)

I graduated high school and went to college, which kept me in dorm
rooms with no outdoor space or suitable lighting for the last 7
years, and the only plants which traveled with me were a few very
hardy houseplants.

But now I'm out in the real world again, got the engineering job that
7 years of school and 2 degrees prepared me for, and I have the
necessary resources to start cultivating plants again. I've planted
some flower beds, a few vegetables and herbs, gathered a few tree
seedlings (gonna take a stab at bonsai), thinking about trying to grow
something completely different--mushrooms maybe, and now I've found
the CP list. So I thought I'd pop in, see what's going on, and listen
awhile. You probably shouldn't expect any scholarly advice from me,

Take care,

P.S. BTW--are there any really unusual, hard-to-get CPs that you
don't hear about on a daily basis? Things that aren't sundews,
VFs, bladderworts, or the like? Just curious.