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>>|>The Python thread is long as we do *not*
>>|>go straight to autumn.
>>and in this list we don't hide in the shrubberies :)
>>hi, all. I'm so new to cp that I don't even know any scientific names
>>yet, much less actually own any. Would someone please send me suggestions
>>on getting started, especially how to start with limited space, time, and

A venus flytrap (Dionea), a couple of easy sundews (Drosera binata,
D. capensis, D. alicea), and 1-2 US pitcher plants (Sarracenia
purpurea, S. flava) are good starts, and quite often you'll find
some variant of this selection dieing on your local store shelves
in little humidity cup containers :-). Sometimes you'll find
a generic butterwort (Pinguicula) there too. All of these can
be grown outdoors if you live in an average environment (i.e. fair
but not sweltering heat/humidity, fair to decent sun), or they can
be grown on a window sill (bathrooms are great due to the rise in
humidity, but only if you get sun), or they can even be grown under
flourescent lights (but the US plants suc as flytraps & sarracenia
must be allowed to go dormant in the winter, which is a bit of a
pain if you aren't growing outdoors).