PVRs and S.flava

Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@as.arizona.edu)
Thu, 12 May 94 08:28:33 MST

Dear Barry, (Barry Myers-Rice, Arizona U.S.A.)
Note, the last name is Meyers-Rice, with an additional ``e''.

Richard, thanks for the template for Australia. I don't think I
need a separate Tasmania, as I can fake it with a r

>" The entire plant is suffused to some degree with
>anthrocyanin" Can I use this with all due credit in
>the official objection Barry? Sums it up rather well I

I suppose so, however note the spelling is `anthocyanin.' But perhaps
this is a questionable statement---is the red pigmment in vfts anthocyanin,
or is it xanthophyll or whatever those other red pigments are?

Recently I received some _S.flava_ from Phil Sheridan (by way of Rob
Maharajh). The location for this plant was listed as `Kilby, Nansemond
County, VA.' The strange thing about this is that there is no Kilby nor
Nansemond County in Virginia! Perhaps Kilby is some tiny pond or something
that might not be listed, but why can't I find Nansemond County?! Any of
you East Coast US-types familiar with something that sounds similar to
this? I know Phil is interested in Virginia _S.flava_, and wrote to me once
that he keeps track of the six remaining Virginia _S.flava_ stations, so
I strongly believe this *is* a Virginia location.....

I've written to Phil, but he's often very slow on responding.