Re: Floating Drosera

John Taylor [Catweasel] (
Thu, 12 May 94 10:29:17 DST

>Hi Folks,
>I noticed in Alan Lowrie's catalog an unidentified
>_Drosera_ sp. with floating rosettes, but rooted
>under the water. I've seen submerged rosettes with
>traps projecting above the water before, but not this.
>Has anyone else seen this growth form?
>Jeff in NC

No - the few plants growing in the wild that I've seen have either been
completely submerged (as you have described) or half-in/half-out at the
edges of pools. Admittedly these have all been D. spathulata or D. pygmae
in the eastern states of Australia where we don't have a great variety
of species... :-(

Is Allen still at his old address - sounds like it's time to investigate
his plant/seed list again. ;-)

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