Apathy and Red Petioled VFT

Fri, 6 May 94 11:19:09 CST

Richard Davion (Tilbrooke)
GPO Box 248

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Thursday the 5th. of May

Dear Jan., Jeff, Bob, Barry and MWM?!?,
Just finished wading through Rick's
precis (Thanks Rick) of the April archives looking for
feedback on the "All Red Petioled" (Yes we've changed the
terminology just for you America - so take note we're not just
talking Red Traps here!) V.F.T. saga but so far the amount of
correspondence I have found has not lived up to Barry's
superdefinitive adjective - "Considerable". I'm just hoping
that when the full version comes out next week that I shall be
left owing Barry an apology!

I'm now on the sub.-list so if you want; bung a copy of your
"All Red Petioled V.F.T." correspondence into my Mailbox as
you go to air - and for those of you who let apathy get the
better of you here's my E-Mail Address to save you goin'
through the rigmarole of looking me up:


Yes Jan., I'm expecting a reply from you, 'Your' comments
have been the best to date but may I suggest as I did at the
last A.C.P.S. meeting that one ought now to be buying up big
on green cans (Actually it doesn't matter what colour the can
is but rather upon the contents) of spray paint in case the
Government Inspectors come sniffing 'round for 'Purple' Fly
Traps. Well it could go this way if Mr. Mansell applies for
P.V.R. in other member countries of the Union which is his
right under the International Convention - ie He gets priority
over all others in fellow member countries if he is granted
P.V.R. rights here. That includes you America, England,
Ireland and most of Europe. So Chas./'Chuck' you better tell
Pete over at California(n?) Carnivores to pull his finger out
otherwise he might be prevented from selling, swapping,
bartering his forms. You're allow under the act to give plants
away but you are not allow to propagate them on a
commercial scale ie Tissue Culture except under licence from
the grantee who will probably be Mr. Mansell in this case or
Geoff. Roberts who informed me last Friday that he is
intending to take out P.V.R. on the second clone that (ie
Three out of 10 seeds from Paul Kane germinated in Tissue
Culture one died leaving two seedlings - Geoff. Mansell has
the plants resulting from Seedling No. 2 while geoff. Roberts
has plants resulting from seedling No. 1 still in Tissue
Culture.) he has.

If any of you are interested ( And I guess you are Jan.) in
more information as to how the campaign is going over here
or want to see Pics. there is an Express Post Envelope
wending its way at the moment over to Barry at Steward
Observatory (E.T.A. Friday the 6th. or Monday the 9th. your
time) that contains many letters, a copy of Mr. Mansell's
Original Application, an eloquently worded letter of objection
by Colin Clayton (Dingley Home & Garden), copies of
relevant C.P. Society Journals and six colour photocopies. I'm
sure that if you inundate Barry with requests for information
he might be obliging enough to transcribe some of the info.
onto the Network for all to read. Oh, by the way Jan. I've
already sent a copy of the 1987 Act to Barry - would you like
one too?

Well that about sums it up for now I just like to say a
welcome high to Joe over in Ireland - No I haven't forgotten
you ol' buddy; have got six hours worth of the New south
Wales bushfires for you taped as it happen earlier this year -
It'll open your eyes to what a fire can do, 'down under'. Well
best get some rest now - feel free to get me out bed in the
middle of the night, dare say Barry'll feel like giving me a right
spanking after this hits the press but then again I think we all
are on the same side just on different regions of the
ocean...On Some Distant Planet? (Good title for a song)

Young Terry (I'm 29 although this thing's making me look
fifty) has a point I am probably jumping the gun a bit but
having looked at all the plant Varieties Journals to date I have
found that if there have been no objections to a grant of
P.V.R. in the past you seem to automatically be granted them!
This may have something to do with the International
Convention, for under this Australia has agreed to place so
many genera and particular genera onto its books by certain
dates. Already all of our grain crops here carry P.V.R. so
maybe I am jumping the gun a bit but for good reason -
Apathy gets you P.V.R.; Jan. they could never put a P.V.R.
on you!

Why don't you Slug/Smail me with a hard copy?

Anyway, Yours faithfully, (yeah, got it right this time - well
spotted Jan.)