Czech this out

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Wed, 4 May 94 08:48:22 MST

I have just gotten a bit of mail from a
me, I mean Czech Republican CPer named Ivo, who was asking me about the
CP Society archive I made for the list. He asked me about the Tampa Bay
CP society. He says,

>I have a question concerning T.B.C.P. Club - did I understand right
>its publication "Trappings" is free if I send a request? It would be
>very interesting for whole Darwiniana.

(Darwiniana is the Czech/Slovak CP society). I know that some people on
this list are power hitters in various CP societies (TBCP,BACP). How
about you sending a copy of your respective CP rag to Ivo? He's a good
guy (we've done a bit of trading and he's sent me some interesting
seed). Don't forget to include standard international postage.

His address is:

Ivo Koudela
Okruzni 25/21
Zdar nad Sazavou
591 01
Czech Republic