Re: Growing Mexican Pings Outside

John Phillips (
Tue, 3 May 94 09:17:30 CST

In Message Tue, 3 May 1994 09:58:32 -0700, (Robert Allen) writes:

>>>Hi, I wanted to ask the group if anyone has been growing their Mexican Pings
>>>outside, and what success anyone has had, if any?
>I've been growing P. moranensis outdoors for the past couple of years,
>year 'round. Winter temps get down to about 30 F, but I don't think
>they've taken a hard freeze. Plants have been in both peat moss and
>in vermiculite. They flower profusely, produce divisions every year,
>and in general do great. Same w/ P. agnata and P. gypsicola. This
>year I'm trying a few others, but I don't know how they're going to
>do thus far. It really helps to know the temp. distribution of the
>plants as not all Mexican pings are created equal. Oh yes, P. x Sethos
>also does great outside. I'm here in the San Francisco Bay Area,
>near the Bay, which takes the edge off any hard temps in the winter.
Thanks for the info. I live over in Berkeley so this is a help, but what
kind of light do yours get? Thanks John