Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@as.arizona.edu)
Thu, 28 Apr 94 09:58:13 MST

There is a CP convention in Pennsylvania, June 3--5 1994. Information
below is cribbed from the application form Rob Maharajh sent to me.
I have modified it slightly, since it has a few references to ``complete
the form below'' etc. I will contact one of the people involved and
verify that I have changed nothing important.

I have not been to the previous two conventions, but already this is
certainly the big annual event for CPers in North America, in my opinion.
Events on the tentative schedule sent to me include:

Arrival after 6:00pm, socializing---an adjacent greenhouse is available for
housing your plants.

9:45---Welcome address
9:50---Carnivorous plants Close up, S. Williams
10:15---Electron Microscopy of CP, A. Wolfe
---Coffee break, demos---
11:00---Mt. Iliu and Mt. Roraimma, B. Scholl
1:00---plant swap
2:00---Slide show, TBA
4:00---Slide show, TBA
6:00---Video, B. Scholl

---plant exchange---
10:00---business meeting


-------CPCON '94-------
The 3rd Annual Eastern Carnivorous Plant Convention

***Registration Information:

To register, please complete the information below. Send the check for
the registration fee by APRIL 31 1994. Dormitory room registrations after
the above deadline will be subject to a $10 late fee. No dormitory room
registrations can be accepted after MAY 20 1994.

Send to: Dr. Stephen E. Williams
Department of Biology
Lebanon Valley College
Annville PA 17003-0501

To minimize cost no linens will be supplied with the rooms. Those who wish
to stay off campus will be sent a list of motels and hotels with their
distances from campus. Accommodations vary from inexpensive motels to the
luxurious Hotel Hershey.

***CPCON '94 Registration Form:

Registration, Room and Board (two nights, 5 meals).............$80.00
Registration, Room and Board (one night, 5 meals).............$52.00
Registration, Meals (5 meals)..................................$24.00
Registration only (No room, no meals)...........................$8.00
Note: For a single room add $5.00/day.

Last Name: First Name:
Address: Apartment:
City: State/Province:
Country: Zip/Postal Code:
Phone: Number in Party:

single room ( ) single room ( ) meals only ( )
double room ( ) double room ( ) registraion only ( )

Check Enclosed For: ________________
(Make checks payable to Lebanon Valley College. Remit funds in US dollars)