Sarracenia Seedlings

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Tue, 26 Apr 94 12:22:46 MST

Well, I finished dividing all those damned Sarracenia seedlings. I had
about twice as many seedlings requested as I had available. So I decided
to limit each person to about 5 packets max so I could send around as many
as possible. I suppose I could have reduced the number of seedlings per
baggie, but I would have gone insane dealing with all those plastic bags.
I'll send the plants out tomorrow or thursday. Tell me when you get them,
and wait for then to send me $$$. The names of recipients are listed below.



Bill Smith
Jeff Stein
Mark Evans
Walter L Greenwood
Bob Cohen
Mike McCaffery
Wayne Blake
R. David Britt
Sunil Gupta
Matthew Thompson
Danny Wilson
Scott Long
Steve Marak
Phil DiTullio