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Thu, 21 Apr 1994 19:58:46 -0700

Here is a further message from Michael Talbot on behalf of Richard
Davion. Please notice that at the moment neither gentleman is
subscribed to our group. If you want to reply, you will need to CC:
Michael, or Fax/snail mail to Richard.


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> To: Rick Walker

This is a resend of the second of two messages I am sending on behalf of
Richard Davion (Tilbrooke). The first is to publicise his intention to
object to an application for grant of plant variety rights on the All
Red Venus Fly Trap. This one is a series of questions to prompt anyone
who can help him in preparing a statutory declaration for him to use in
preparation of his case. As I have had some difficulty in reaching you,
would you please acknowledge receipt of the message.

Thank You

Michael Talbot

A Guide To Your Statutory Declaration:

Here find supplied a List of Questions to Help Stimulate Thought and
Guide Your Statutory Reply. It is not necessary to answer any of the
questions or in any particular order they are solely to be used as a
guide and as an aid to memory. Should you feel that any important
questions have been left unsounded or that that the meaning/purpose
of any one question needs to be clarified or amplified please feel free
to contact me by phone, letter or any other means at your disposal at
any time of the day or night:

Richard Davion (Tilbrooke) Telephone (08) 270 5878
G.P.O. Box 248
ADELAIDE SA 5001 For Calls Within Australia
(Best Time to Call is after
6.30 p.m. South Australian Time)

Telephone (0011) (61) (8)(2705878)
Anytime Day or Night if you
Any time day or night if you
are phoning from overseas


IMPORTANT FAXES ONLY may be sent to my
G.P.O. Box via the G.P.O. Fax No.: (0011) (61) (8) (2127720)
The Cost to me is $5.00 plus $1.00 for every additional page - so
please use this service sparingly or ring me before hand and I'll judge if
its relative importance warrants the use such a service though it may
be deemed more necessary as we approach the deadline of June 1st

(1) When did you first hear about an All Red Form V.F.T.?

(2) How did you hear about it - at a society meeting or from (a)

(3) What society meeting/function was it?

(4) When was this meeting/function (day, month, year, early Eighties
late Eighties etc)

(5) Was the information passed on by word of mouth or via a
telephone conversation, letter etc?

(6) Was the information transmitted to you in a letter, fax, electronic

(7) When was this letter etc sent?

(8) Do you still have this letter etc - can you supply a copy?

(9) Have you ever seen an All Red Form V.F.T.?

(10) How many times have you seen it?

(11) Over how long a period have you seen this plant growing?

(11) By whom or where was this/these plant(s) being grown?

(12) What type/colour was it - very dark red ie "black", "Burgundy",
"blood-red" or "OTHER?"

(13) When did you see it?

(14) Was it totally red?

(15) How large was/were the plant(s)? - Very small, small, medium,
large , gigantic (Try to give a measurment if possible - ie traps were
1.5 cm. long or twice the length of the first joint of my thumb ie
approxiamtely two inches.

(16) Was it in flower - if so what colour was the pollen?

(17) What colour was/is the rhizome?

(18) How many All Red Types/forms have you seen/know
about/grown/do you grow?

(19) Rhoughly how fast do each of the forms grow ie traps per season
or faster or slower than a "normal/standard" V.F.T.?

(20) How often does the plant divide?

(21) Have you ever seen any of the All Red Forms growing in tissue

(22) Who was/were growing these plants in tissue culture?

(23) When did you see these plants growing in tissue culture?

(24) Have you ever seen an article referring to any of the All Red

(25) In what magazine, journal or bulletin or book was it published?

(26) When was this magazine etc published?

(27) Do you still have a copy/are you able to supply a copy of this

(28) Have you ever seen a photogragh of any of the All Red Forms?

(29) Where did you see it and was it in colour or black & white?

(30) Have you ever grown an All Red Form V.F.T.? When was this?

(31) Did you grow it from seed or cuttings?

(32) From whom did you recieve the seed and/or cuttings?

(33) Were the seeds or cuttings traded or given to you as a gift or did
you acquire them from a plant or plants you were already growing?

(34) If the plants came from seed - were all the seedlings All Red?
Were only some of the seedlings All Red? were there a number of
different All Red forms/types amongst the seedlings?

(35) Do you know of anyone who is growing or has grown an All Red
Form V.F.T.? When was this person growing the plant(s)? Is this
person still growing the plant(s)?

(36) Have you ever seen an All Red Form V.F.T. growing overseas?
Where was this ie country location if possible? When was this? By
whom was this plant/these plants being grown?

(37) Have you ever seen an All Red Form V.F.T. growing in natural
habitat in the United States of America? If so when and possibly a
rough location if you can remember?

(38) Have any of your All Red Forms reverted to the appearance of a
"normal" V.F.T.? If so are you able to propose a reason why this
occurred? Has/have your plant(s) reverted back to being All Red? At
approxiamtely what time of year did this occur?

(39) Have you ever tried to make a hybrid of any of your All Red forms
with another variety of V.F.T. - ie C.P.N. Vol. 13, No. 3, September
1984 pp 70-71
or with another All Red Form that you have? Was this cross
successful? What resulting seedlings were produced? Have any of
these new forms been distributed to anyone and if so to whom?

(40) Do you know anything about the original import made by Mr.
Stephen Jackson in the early 1980s? Can you be more precise as to
the time of the importation?

(41) Do you know the person in America through whom the import was

(42) Do you know if this person is still growing All Red Forms of the

(43) Do you or did you possess any plants relating to this original

(44) Do you know of anyone who had or has plants relating to this
original importation?

(45) Did you possess or do you possess plants or seed originating
from Ian English's collection formerly of "potted Elegance"?

(46) Do you know of anyone with material originating from Ian English's

(47) Apart from Steven Jackson and Ian English do you know of
anyone else who brought such plants into the country or has grown
plants from chance seedlings?

Yours sincerely,

Richard Davion (Tilbrooke)

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